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QuickBooks is a worldwide known software application, which is especially designed to meet the business requirements of all the businesses. What is the main purpose to develop QuickBooks? You can easily fetch your advanced financial records to present in front of your stakeholders. But while working immensely on the software, at times, you certainly have tosail through various predicaments and get a message that QuickBooks has stopped working.

When you get to know that QUICKBOOKS HAS STOPPED WORKING ERROR, it means something improper has been done to QuickBooks application. This is the common feature with which a user has to go through. Sometimes, there are errors related to it, but sometimes, nothing has happened, only QuickBooks has just frozen.

Why QuickBooks undergo the error – “QuickBooks has stopped working”?

While operating your QuickBooks, you might have noticed that your QuickBooks has stopped working.
There are various reasons which we can discuss if you got QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Error in your system.
1.       First of all, you have to look for your QuickBooks company file.
2.       Check for your computer system hardware. Your hardware has got some serious problem.
3.       All of your files may have gone down the hill which as make an output of error in QuickBooks app files.
4.       While working on your Windows, it tends to get damaged because of uncertain circumstances.
5.       A full unknown thing has happened to your QBWUSER.INI file of QuickBooks application software.
6.       Keep a steady check on your system resources. This is to be done to see that they may be running low in your system.
7.       If you do wrong installation, then this error always houses in your system. Then you may have occurred while installing QuickBooks software.
You can call our QuickBooks Support to keep you out if your QuickBooks stopped working.

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How to take down error – “QuickBooks has stopped working”?

Procedure 1: Take assistance of QB Install Tool
·         First of all, you have to certainly download and install the QB Install Diagnostic Tool on your computer.
·         Secondly, in this you have to keep a save of the file on your Desktop.
·         Thirdly, make sure you have surely terminated all of your other programs which are running in the background.
·         In the fourth step, we would say that you have to launch the QB Install tool.
·         Lastly, restart your system to see that the changes have taken place or not.

Procedure 2: Reboot Your Computer to Check the Effect
·         The first step we would like to mention that you have to restart your system.
·         Lastly, go to your QuickBooks icon and launch QuickBooks file.

Procedure 3: Change the name of QBWUSER.ini file
·         First of all, you certainly have to navigate for the file QBWUSER.ini location.If it tends to remain invisible, what you can do is ON the Hidden Folders and Files.
·         Secondly, you have to move forward and make a right-click from your mouse on the same file and select Rename.
·         Rename the QBWUSER.ini file by adding.OLD at the end of the selected file name.

Procedure 4: Using Clean Install File
·         The simple step is to perform a Reinstall using a clean install file.

Procedure 5: You can launch your company file using the different file location
·         Firstly, you have to navigate for your data file.
·         Secondly, make sure you have to copy the file on your system.
·         Thirdly, generate a fresh folder in your C Drive and save the company file there.
·         Lastly, you can open or restore the company file as per your requirements.

Our QuickBooks Support
To conclude this blog, we would say that your there can be number of reasons your QuickBooks Has Stopped Working. QuickBooks has stopped working error is an error which our QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number Team is a master.You can call 1-888-986-7735 our team at anytime.


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